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Veterans Section


Annual meeting  13 December 2019@midday


Those present :

Peter Walters, Mick Jopson,Terry Brister, John Drogo,Ramon Saiz, Gary Thompson,David Grant, John Randall, Jimmy Fensome Steve March, JP….,        Rob Atwood,Dave Cotton, Ron Hann, Peter Langmaid, Peter Seal, Jim Windsor, Alan Stevenson.

Apologies were received from - Don Clayton, Tom Morrow, 

Dave Robertson, Alec Bosley


Minutes of previous meeting

 There were no matters arising from the previous meeting which had been published on the vets website and after proposal and seconding by J. Carter and J. Randall were approved as a true record.


Captains Report

Pete Walters proffered his thanks to all members for their assistance throughout the year and in particular the entire committee and volunteers e who in fulfilling their roles, had made his duties very straightforward. A special mention was made of each and in particular the treasurer, who acted as his commercial conscience.


The changes in the club in 2019 were highlighted which included impressive clubhouse facilities a new professional and committed green staff who were working constantly to improve the course layout and condition. 


It was with an amount of regret that he reported that despite trying to be inclusive the influx of new members from Cobtree and Staplehurst, had in contrast with those from Hawkhurst, largely not availed themselves of the invitation to participate with us.


Highlights of the year despite his defeat in the silver salver at the hands of Terry Brister, was the awayday at West Malling and the improved match results in the friendlies where shrewd captaincy had resulted in 8 wins and only 4 losses, this set the bar extraordinarily high for Mick Jopson next year. Friendly match team selection continued to be hampered by availability of entrants and although we had not failed to turn out a full team it remained a matter of concern.


Treasurers Report 

Ramon provided a detailed report acknowledging improved participation in vets activities by about 10% despite our failure to attract many additional members as reported by the captain. Similarly the financial results continued to be on a sound footing and enabled him to recommend a subsidy of £1000 be made available for the forthcoming awayday to be held at Faversham on 24 April 2020. Friendly matches were being maintained at 6 home and away with Etchinghill having been substituted for Kingsnorth

It was reported that the accounts had been audited by J Carter, and were adopted and approved by all present.


Presentation of next years Captain

Mick Jopson confirmed that he hoped to build on the achievements and goodwill created by recent captains and would carry out soundings to ascertain if increased team spirit could be fostered by arranging social meetings and additional awayday fixtures. He proposed marrying the captains silver salver competition with a yellow ball competition at the Faversham day. He also considered that introducing a later start time for vets events may encourage entry from the new influx mentioned earlier. A robust discussion followed and is covered under AOB.


Committee and officials 2020

Captain                      M. Jopson

Past Captain                  P. Walters

Vice Captain                  S. March

Handicaps                    J.Drogo

Inter club competitions         T. Brister

Treasurer                     R. Saiz

Ex portfolio                   P Seal

Domestic administration         R.Atwood

Secretary                     R.Hann

AKVG                        P. Langmaid

All of the above expressed their willingness to continue their roles and were unanimously elected.


Any Other Business

Tee Times - It was agreed first tee 8.04 Winter, 7.44 summer and to avoid fragmentation of starting times without imposing undue restrictions, from 3rd.January 2020 start sheets would be posted only on the day of play and entry would be casual as and when participants arrive. Entry must be sequential leaving no gaps such that players ( except JP ) are not left without accompanying players’ This will be reviewed at the next committee meeting and applies Fridays only. Other times will be roll up/ ball in bag.

For Mondays and wednesdays players are urged to book tee times 14 days ahead to achieve an effective 6 block booking


Vets website -  It was agreed that licence be funded by vets funds


Captains Charity - M. jopson to liaise with club owners as to format and agree collection mechanism. Suggestions as to charitable cause such as defibrillator to be determined following assessment of amount raised 


Inclement weather/ meeting time - Agreed to leave as is but review if it becomes a frequent problem


Lost ball  (leaves/Clover) no relief in competitions unless club local rule published. Other times Captain/vice captains discretion.


Xmas box - £150 collected for green staff to be presented by P. Walters


Meeting ended 1:40pm 

Vets At The Ridge

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