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  1. Minutes of the Annual Meeting held at The Ridge Golf Club on Friday, 14th December 2018 at 12.00 noon.  Terry Brister opened by welcoming all those present.


2 There were no apologies for absence.


3.  Attendance was logged at 21, including committee members.  A record of attendees is at Appendix A. 


4.  The minutes of the previous Annual Meeting held on 15th December 2017 were agreed to be a true record.


5. Matters Arising. None.


6.  Vets Captains annual Report for 2018


            Firstly, as you are aware our good friend and fellow member, Jude McArdle, sadly passed away on Wednesday.  I believe it may be appropriate for us to have a short silence for us to remember him.

Also I would also like to think of Alan Stevenson and family and hope that Maureen returns home soon.

So far this year we’ve had the beast of from the East when we’ve been wrapped up like Michelin man.  Then came that amazing summer with all those legs on show and when did The Ridge close?  Only when buried in snow and I believe one day when the floods came!  So I think this year has been exceptional.

As you know there are a number of clubs that have closed which has resulted in an increase in our numbers.  I would like to think that we have a surfeit of players for the Friendlies, and I encourage you all to put your names down and not to think when the number reaches 12 “Oh they’ve got enough now, I won’t bother”. Let’s give Pete the problem of picking his team,

The increase in numbers brings its own issues, for instance the number of tee times that need to be booked for our Friday games which may need to be addressed once the group of Cobtree players join us.

As usual the Medal and Stableford games are keenly contested but we are seeing a lot of different names winning which can only be a good thing.  

I have to congratulate Kevin for his victory in the singles championship and also the very close pairs match, which I thought I had blown in the first extra hole by playing the wrong ball, but I had Jim Windsor with me so the result on the second extra hole was in no doubt.  Thank you Jim.

The Captain’s Away Day was at the Spitfire course at West Malling, the winners of the Texas Scramble were John Drogo, Pete Walters, Gary Thompson and Jim Windsor, with Pete winning the bottle of Algerian red for nearest the pin.  Thank you all for a great day out, despite the heavy rain shower that passed over.

We played 6 clubs, home and away, with 6 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws, but all played in their usual friendly manner (except with Tug Wilson at London Beach!).

The biggest fly in the eye with Friendlies is the cost.  Hopefully this will be negotiated next year and Ramon is on top of that. We have 6 clubs already booked in.  Hawkhurst has obviously been dropped but have replaced them with West Malling.  John Drogo and I took their skipper and one other of their committee around the course.  We could have been kind and let them win but we blew them away by 5 and 4!  But they still want to play us!

Pete Walters and I also took the Captain and vice Captain from Lullingstone around with a view to discussing possible future Friendly matches and I am still in contact with them. We do plan to have an informal visit, say six of us, in the near future to Lullingstone, so if anyone would like to go please let Pete or I know.

We also had a round and a long chat with the organiser of Group 7 of the Kent League which was most informative. If you want to know anything more about it then have a chat with Peter or myself.  We don’t think that we will be able to fit anything into next season, but we are keeping in touch with them.

I would like to encourage you to try to use the Vet’s website for information, especially the calendar, which I have made as easy as possible to view and if you want to contribute, or if you see any problems then please email me and I can put it in.

We have had a number of members playing in the AKVG matches and I would encourage others to play in them.  There are a number of new courses next year.  Peter Langmaid has full details so have a word if you are interested. If you think you are good enough you can try to take my title as AKVG player of the year, because I’m going for it again in 2019!

Something that would be good is to try and integrate more with the main club, but so far any sign of a committee on their side is not forthcoming.  With the club growing as it is then I believe it should really be a must.  Hopefully with Scott pushing then this might be addressed.

I think events, like the afternoon tea that was held here in the summer was a really lovely social event which enables partners to join us.  It was a great innovation and I hope that Sophie organises more of the same.

A big thank you to Pete Walters for all he has done and I’m certain that his tenure next year will be an even better one for the Vets.

Also a big thank you to Peter Bainbridge who is relinquishing his role as Vets secretary, I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of him anyway.  We are still searching for that elusive member to replace him.

Finally a big thank you to all of you for making the game so enjoyable.

  Veterans Captain.       .


7  Treasurer’s Report           


      Ramon had distributed copies of his report in which he stated that from the balance at the end of our financial year of £1295 it is proposed to allocate £800 for the Away Day at West Malling G.C. on Wednesday 17 April 2019.

     He was grateful to John Carter for auditing our current accounts, free of charge.

  Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by John Drogo and seconded by Peter Seal.


8.  Election of Committee Members for the year commencing 1 April 2019


Captain:                         Pete Walters - proposed by Mike Jopson and seconded by John Drogo. 

Vice-Captain:                 Mike Jopson - proposed by Terry Brister and seconded by Dave Robertson

The following committee members were re-elected


Handicaps Secretary     John Drogo

Treasurer:                      Ramon Saiz

Peter Seal

Nobody had come forward for Secretarial duties, so initially they

 will be split between committee members, but Terry will be

 managing the Friendly matches.

Rob Atwood volunteered to post up entry sheets for the Friday

games and John Drogo will continue to handle the cards..


9.  To Present the Captain for the coming year.


After being presented by Terry, Pete Walters gave us his

thoughts for the coming year.

Lots of good progress has been made this year and I hope that

 it will continue during my Captaincy, if not advance further. 

With our increasing numbers we must endure that we have

enough tee times booked two weeks in advance for our Monday

and Wednesday games, as many as 5, perhaps 6.  Although we

could start from two tees, we need to avoid any clashes with

visiting Societies.



10.  Any Other Business of which due notice had been given in accordance with

 Club Rule 11(1).


Rob Atwood had raised two issues:-

  • Why in the “Procedures” document it is stated that the Stableford games are to be played on the first Friday of each month and Medal games are to be played on the third Friday of each month, but currently the reverse takes place.  Actually, the calendar does show Stablefords 1st and Medals 2nd each month.

  • Why are we not permitted to play two competitions on the same day.  I understand it is not permitted by T.R. A. rules, but we are a small club with a small Vets section, surely we can apply our local rules which has happened in the past.  It may help with some of the congestion during the busy summer months which is exacerbated by matches and holidays. After some discussion a proposal by Mike Jopson that match play games should be played separately was agreed.      



11. Any Other Business


Terry Brister brought forward the issues concerning our Friendly matches, in particular the format, the meal costs and the time taken to complete the event.

Although some of us would prefer a formal dress code and a two course meal, we would need to comply with arrangements followed by the other clubs that we play

Much discussion ensued.

  Ramon reminded us that the host club pays for all the meal costs on the day, but other clubs do things differently. He gave us a breakdown of the Ridge meal costs and quoted from the restaurant “All costs are going up for providing good quality food.  We would struggle to lower our prices, but we will honour the current prices for the 2019 season.”

An agreement was shown by those wanting to play in the matches that the meal cost of £20 was acceptable.

          Many present found it difficult to access the section’s website.  Terry will ask Sophie to attempt to improve access to it on the Clubs website.

          Entry into the Friday events was discussed at some length.  Do we use a sheet or a book?  Using a book provides a register of who is playing on the course.  Entry sheets would need to be posted up 2 weeks in advance.  Advice was sought from the ex Hawkhurst members.  Subject to agreement with Scott we could pay in advance in the Pro-Shop, but a committee member will need to approve any changes in the order of play on the day

          Pete Walters queried why the incoming Captain took over in April rather than at the Annual Meeting.  It was pointed out that the new season started in the spring when the incoming Men and Lady Club Captains had their Drive-In, (and in pre Stoner times the Vets Captain was also invited to take part).

Andy Wiggins asked if seniors would be permitted to play in the Vets Friendly matches.  He was assured that there would be no problem.

        Peter Bainbridge read out a postscript of his history at the club over the last 20 years.

        Jim Windsor gave his congratulations to Terry Brister for his success in managing the section throughout the year.     





The meeting closed at 13.30

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