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To those of you who were unable to attend the AGM, I would like to tell you about a change that was agreed by those present as to how we arrange our Friday competitions.

At present as you know, a sheet goes up two weeks in advance with the tee times down, we insert our names, then forget what time we booked and who we are playing with. Then on the day, we turn up (or we don't!) or we are late, or we are early because the plumber is due at 12.00 and the sheet looks my old school homework with crossing outs everywhere and the groupings looking nothing like the reality. The reason why we need a legible sheet is that we track the winners of Stableford and Medals, and track the credits for our away days with that sheet. 

Now most of this could be avoided with a bit of self discipline, we could make a note of what time we are playing and who with, we could turn up even if it is a bit chilly or drizzling, and if it is not possible to come a phone call to the pro shop to cancel. However we thought of an easier way that we are going to trial from January 3rd.

The start sheet wont go up till the day, you turn up, get your gear together, go to the pro shop put your name in the next available slot and play with those two players. No crossing outs! Now the advantage of this is simple, if you don't turn-up it doesn't matter as no one is waiting for you, if you are stuck in traffic the other 2 are not waiting for you or getting sub, if you need to get away early turn up early (start times 7.44 summer, 8.04 winter), and if you turn up at 8.00 you know that you will get a game.

This is a trial, if it works great, if it doesn't then we might have a Plan B!

Pete Walters (Captain)

Gentlemen. how sad that we are unable to carry on trying to put that ball into that elusive hole for the next few weeks.

I hope that you all stay well and come back refreshed for what I hope will be a great summer of golf for all of us.

Take care 

Terry Brister (Fixtures Secretary)

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