AKVG Update

AKVG’s policy in response to the coronavirus pandemic (as at 2nd April 2020):

Each of our 2020 venues has agreed in principle to roll forward our booking and deposit by 12 months. Ditto most of the 2021 venues to 2022. This is what we will do, while keeping open the possibility that a couple of 2020 fixtures might proceed this autumn. Underpinning this plan, Dave Parker will remain captain until the 2021 AGM when vice captain Martyn Dines will take over for the 2022 season.

Boughton both home and away have now been cancelled

Etchinghill Home cancelled

West Malling away cancelled

London Beach home cancelled.

Poult Wood home cancelled

2020 Friendly Dates

We are now running a league.

At present we have 21 names and they are split into 3 X 7 players.


We have created 3 leagues of 7 players each

Randomly generated so I haven't taken handicaps into consideration. I have put every-bodies present  handicap against their name.


Robertson David 20       Jopson Mike 27        Walters Pete 15

Randall John 19             Grant David 16         Gravenell Alec 19

Saiz Ramon 27               March Steve 13        Iles Malcolm 19

Bosley Alec 20               Brister Terry 16        Cotton Dave 22

Carnell Derek 28            Atwood Rob 21        Hayes Rod 24

Walter Peter 24              Hann Ron 25             o'Brien Mick 22

Seal Pete 18                  John Drogo 21           Pete Langmaid 20


Rules are nice and simple so if Dave Robertson finds fault then he can do them himself ;-)





Each person within their league will play all the others once. (Partners to be arranged by competitors and Terry Brister and Mick Jopson informed beforehand)

Full handicaps to be used as published on HDID (if not familiar with this then check with pro shop)

Format of the game will be decided on the day. If it happens to be a competition day then the league format will be the same.

Any other day then competitors decide amongst themselves how they would prefer to play.

All club rules to be abided by.

Winner will get 3 points, a draw, 2 points and nothing for a loss.

All results to Terry Brister and Mick Jopson before playing another match. Failure to do this will result in a no score.

All results and tables will be published regularly.

Winner of each league will go through to the final which will be medal play. (this assumes that we will be able to play at least a 3 ball when we reach that point)

If we are still playing 2 balls then the best 2nd will compete for the prizes.

If there are 2 X 2 balls they must be played on the same day.


As far as prizes are concerned,


1st £50. 

2nd £30. 

3rd £15 and 

£10 for Ramon for club funds


If we can get this to work then hopefully next year we can try and get more players and really expand the competition.


Start from June 1st, we would hope to see this completed by end September 

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