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Procedure for Running the Seniors/Veterans Section of the Ridge Golf Club 2018


(It is understood that no part of this procedure would in any way override, change, nor supersede the Constitution and Rules of the Ridge Golf club)



The Section shall be known as the Senior/Veterans section of The Ridge Golf Club (The Veterans)




Membership of the Veterans shall be open to all male members of the Ridge Golf Club, subject to the following age limitations:


Seniors:     - Age 55 to 59

Veterans:  - Age 60 and over




The Sub-Committee, (hereinafter called the Committee) for the veterans shall be:

1.     The Chairman, (who shall also be the Captain of the Veterans)

2.     The Vice-Captain of the Veterans

3.     The Secretary of the Veterans

4.     The Treasurer of the Veterans

5.     The Handicap Secretary

6.     The Past Captain of the Veterans

7.     Co-opted members as required




Members of the Committee shall be elected by Annual Ballot and shall be appointed in accordance with the following procedure:

1.   The Vice-Captain, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected at the Veterans Annual Meeting.

2.   The Veterans Annual Meeting will take place on a Friday in December after 10 hole Freeplay

3.   Notices of election shall be posted 21 days prior to the Veterans Annual Meeting. All nominations for posts 2, 3, 4, shall be proposed and seconded by existing members of the Veterans. Where more than one nomination is received for any of the posts, a ballot shall be held of members present at the Annual Meeting

4.   Members so elected shall take up office on 1st April and hold office for 12 months.

5.   The Vice-Captain shall hold office for a period of 12 months.

6.   The Vice-Captain of the Veterans must be 60 years of age on the day he takes up office. 




The Committee shall meet as required. A "Quorum" shall consist of 4 Committee members. Minutes shall be taken of all proceedings of the Committee.




An Annual Away Day will be organised to take place early in the season. This event will be subsidised from the Veterans funds. The Captain will determine the venue for the Away Day and the amount of subsidy will be determined by the Treasurer


(The Away Day has always been the New Captain's Welcoming-In day at the beginning of the Season, when it is easier to fix dates for matches such as the Away Day).




 1. On the first Friday of the month a Stableford Competition will be held

     playing off club Handicap, and playing from the Yellow Tees.

2.  On the third Friday of the month, a Medal Competition will be played, off Club handicap       from the Yellow Tees from March to November.

3.  On the remaining Fridays captains discretion for the days play

4.  There will be a nominal Fee for the above events, currently £3:00 for Stableford and Medal and £2:00 for freeplay.

  These monies cover the cost of prizes, trophies and contribution for Captain's away day.

5.  Fridays, a list will be posted on the notice board 2 weeks prior to competition and you are invited to write your name against your preferred tee time along with your handicap. Any change to this list must be advised and verified by a committee member.



For all the Stablefords the winner will receive three golf balls; the Runner up will receive 2 Golf balls; and the third receiving 1 golf ball. The balls will be presented on the day of the event. 

At the Annual Christmas Lunch a voucher from the club pro shop will be awarded


For the Monthly Medal the winner will receive three golf balls; the Runner up will receive 2 Golf balls; and the third receiving 1 golf ball. The balls will be presented on the day of the event.

At the Annual Christmas Lunch a medal plus a voucher from the club pro shop will be awarded


The above events may need to be re-scheduled when friendly matches are taken into account. All dates are on the calendar in the Vets website.



Website can also be accessed from The Ridge website at the bottom of the membership page (



         These prizes shall be paid for from the Veterans funds. Any excess in funds will be used, in part, to subsidise hospitality extended to visiting veterans playing in the Inter Club Veterans Friendly Matches, to subsidise the Annual Away Day and as otherwise determined by the Veterans Annual Meeting.




Each year a number of friendly matches are arranged against the veterans of other golf clubs. Selection of players for these matches will be on rotation to ensure that all, suitably aged members of the Section have the opportunity to take part. Currently we have 6 other clubs scheduled for 2019.




There will be a Christmas Luncheon followed by prize presentations preceded by a Texas Scramble




 This Championship is held annually and is open to all Veterans of The Ridge Golf Club. All entrants must qualify for the event by playing in at least THREE QUALIFYING EVENTS, either Veterans or Club events, during the year, starting in January.

(Please note this is ONLY open to Veterans, not seniors)

Vets At The Ridge

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